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Ardor is a blockchain-like service (BaaS) platform that allows you to create your own child chains with special settings for the release of assets. Ardor is an evolution of the NXT blockchain, so it offers many advantages over its predecessor, both in functionality and scalability.

ARDR-tokens of the main circuit and the basis of the entire platform. They are used to maintain blockchain and issue tokens for transaction fees, which is equivalent to mining in the NXT PoS Protocol. How to buy currency ARDR? You can buy Ardor coin at the stock exchange. The stock market shows the perspective of the coin. Actual price in USD is always available in different stock markets.

Ardor solves them very elegantly with the help of a fundamentally new architecture: breaking into many blockchain systems. The main chain itself will be Ardor, and all the rest blackany child.

Each of the secondary blockchain is its own token. Transactions related to changes in the balance of this token will be recorded only in local chains. All transactions that change ardor's balances are recorded in the main blockchain.

The parent chain will be to provide network security. All transactions from children are sent to the parent but are stored there only 24 hours.

The Central blockchain has a very limited set of transactions, which does not allow it to be overloaded. And the local on the contrary has a great functionality, which can be tailored to the needs of participants.

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