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What is Bytom cryptocurrency (BTM)? Bytom cryptocurrency (BTM) is a blockchain application token that allows users to manage atomic (elementary) and heterogeneous (external) byte assets. How to buy BTM currency? You can buy Bytom coin at the stock exchange. The stock market shows the perspective of the coin. Price in USD always varies like any other cryptocurrency.

Heterogeneous byte assets are blockchain assets such as digital tokens and cryptocurrencies. Atomic are bonds, securities, dividends and other real-world assets that are registered in the blockchain. Using the bit Network, users can gamble, trade and manage both types of byte assets from anywhere in the world.

Bytom is an interactive Protocol that allows you to use it for multiple types of assets. It can Razor little-Active recorders (digital Walt and other active) that are used in a various form of a block in the network. In addition, the platform allows you to manage in Active (order, CEN papers, dividends, liability, forecast and any other information about their physical world). Its available exchange, correct and participation in other more complex and contract interactive operates through the network life.

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