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Elastos is a digital currency with symbol ELA. Their goal is to create on the basis of the Internet a completely new virtual digital intellectual economic zone.

The developer of this crypto currency is a former employee of Microsoft Chen Rong. He is also known for his attempts to create the world's first operating system, which will be accessible via the Internet. In consequence, its development was modified into an open source operating system, which is located on the GitHub. By the way, its development takes ten million lines. Not so long ago, he decided to integrate blocking technology into his platform.

This innovation helps to gain the trust of users. It will also increase the computing power of the operating system, expand the provided features, provide flexibility of locking and much more. However, elastos will severely restrict the range of smart contract applications, ensuring that elastos will be used to reliably calculate asseys data.

The vision is that elastos become a block aircraft carrier, which will support large-scale decentralized applications.

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