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ANX International exists since 2013, based in Hong Kong. The company has extensive intellectual property, and charges 90 people in its staff. OpenANX is a completely new look at the Decentralized Exchanges. Buy OAX token and create your own investment plan. The openANX platform takes on advanced technical development based on the Efirium blockbuster, payment systems like Raiden3, 0x, Swap, ERC204 and upgrades them to overcome the complexities faced by CEM, the current model of centralized exchanges. OAX token price in usd is a great project indicator.

OAX token chart is a sign indicator that is of great importance for the project. The process of improving the existing model of decentralized exchanges will be accomplished by linking the operating Asset Gateways with the network, by introducing a security deposit, to enable users to assess risks. OAX token stock market is developing faster than competitors.

OpenANX uses the latest technological achievements and has an implemented, peer-reviewed, open source openANX platform integrating the strengths of the existing CEM model with better functionality and decentralized model parameters, minimizing the shortcomings of both systems. Visit the official project page on the Internet to find out how to buy OAX token. OAX token wallet has several degrees of protection.

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