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What is TRON coin? How to buy TRON coin? Is TRON currency dependent on the TRON price graph? Those are some of the things the first-time user may struggle to answer, which is why this article may be helpful for you. TRON currency is a technology that is fully based on the principles of decentralization and blockchain. The main aim of TRON as can be reflected in the TRON price graph is to allow each user to store and publish his or her own data while deciding on the ways how to distribute the content according to the each one's need. Besides, those who want to buy TRON coin should know that it's also an entertainment ecosystem as desired by the cryptocurrency's creators.

As can be seen both in the whitepaper and in the TRON coin wallet, its main aim is to create a reliable and outstanding entertainment industry. The creators and the buyers who see the TRON stock market want to cut off the corporate giants and monopolies while putting the profits back to the creators. This indicates that a certain type of content, the video, for example, can be uploaded right into the TRON protocol which can be seen on the TRON chart and get paid directly for the number of times someone has watched that specific video. These are the factors that determine TRON price in USD.

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