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Meet - Neironix!! A project that provides automated expert evaluation of ICO projects. We are a team of risk management and information technology specialists who have teamed up to create a technology platform that in the future will be able to evaluate the economic prospects of projects planned for the ICO automatically based on key risk analysis algorithms, as well as provide expert evaluation of previously held ICO projects.

We will build and train a neural network, through which our analytical services are highly likely to be able to give expert evaluation to any ICO project. Having gathered today statistical data on previously implemented ICO projects and their economic results, tomorrow we will create an independent technological platform for peer review based on objective assessments and statistical data.

The Neironix project risk management system is based on the international standard on risk management ISO 31000: 2009 , developed by the international organization G31000 . This standard is recognized in 88 out of 100 states - the largest in terms of GDP.

The Neironix project teamincludes risk management specialists certified in accordance with the international standards of risk management ISO 31000: 2009 in the format AT ( advanced trainer ), which provides methodological and practical support in product development and project management.

The project risk management policy includes the development and creation of a Neironix risk-oriented project management infrastructure , Neironix IT solutions are based on the algorithm for analyzing and evaluating the key risks of ICO projects.