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Bill Clinton expressed his recognition of the blockchain technologies

Bill Clinton expressed his recognition of the blockchain technologies
Oct 3, 2018 by Rico Wise

This week, Ripple has organized the Swell 2018 conference, where Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker, taking part in a Q&A session with Gene Sperling, who was his economic advisor on 1996-2001.

Despite the absence of an official record of Clinton’s speech, there is still a mobile phone video taken by one of the attendees of the conference, which unveils a comprehensive discussion, concentrated dominantly on ex-president’s two terms (1993-2001) and returning back to blockchain.

Sharing his opinion on the subject closer to the end of his talk, Clinton stated that the DLT innovation has astounding capabilities, as it has no dependence on national borders. Nevertheless, he cautioned that it could suffer from divisive economic and social policies.

Clinton has also made a suggestion that industries of blockchain innovations digital currency should develop at a steadier pace, as movements too quick could increase both financial and social biases between people in developed and emerging markets.

According to the former president, all new technologies face the challenges of consumer fraud, crime and terrorism financing, and so these new emerging industries have to overcome these roadblocks to become successful.

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