Digital Jersey cooperates with Binance to set up cryptoexchange in Jersey

Digital Jersey cooperates with Binance to set up cryptoexchange in Jersey

Two companies concluded an agreement.

Jun 13, 2018

Bitcoin Maven imprisoned for 2,5 years

BTC trader from LA broke bad.

Jun 12, 2018

Top digital currencies dipped yesterday

All of the most popular currencies dropped as the CFTC investigation was initiated.

Jun 11, 2018

Digital currency market stabilizes

Trading volumes remain low, but show bullish signs.

Jun 8, 2018

Coinbase obtains securities dealing companies

Cryptotrading platform to grow into a broker dealer.

Jun 8, 2018

HitBTC ceased operation in Japan

Regulated exchange to be launched in the future.

Jun 6, 2018

ETH surges by five percent; altcoins gain popularity

Digital currency strikes back.

Jun 4, 2018

Huobi introduces first ever exchange-traded fund for digital currency!

First ETF to be open for retail financiers.

Jun 2, 2018

The Ethereum Classic Investment Trust is at 300 percent over its net asset value

ETCG’s premium trading exceeds 300% of the fund’s assets value.

May 31, 2018

Digital currency trading stopped in Zimbabwe

Neglecting the High Court decision.

May 30, 2018

A hospital in Scotland can cure you from crypto rush

Scottish hospital treats trading addicts.

May 29, 2018

Wall Street encourages people to ignore altcoins and buy BTC

Recent opinion from the Wall Street analyst.

May 28, 2018

Xapo introduces SegWit

Groundbreaking scaling solution.

May 27, 2018

Kraken employs a former investigator of Bush administration

Kraken hires a new general counsel..

May 25, 2018

The Federal Reserve Bank reports BTC price to have an assumed value of 1,800 dollars

Bitcoin’s volatility makes it hard to classify the currency.

May 24, 2018

Tron skyrockets by 11% in price to overrun the mainnet launch

Tron is the only digital currency in the top-10 to have positive price changes over the last week.

May 22, 2018

Coincheck takes Monero, Zcash, and Dash off its list

​Coincheck has made a decision to take the XMR, ZEC and DASH coins off its list.

May 20, 2018

Coincheck cryptoexchange is not backing off – US expansion underway

Coincheck is planning to get back on track with its new management.

May 19, 2018

BNB surges up 21% after doubling the referral bonus for BNB owners

The price of the Binance cryptocurrency has skyrocketed after an announcement about a special treat for the BNB holders.

May 19, 2018