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Avatara is a person working for you for $5-50 per hour. Avatara has a phone with a camera or video glasses with a camera and the Internet and Skype connection. Avatara connects with you via Skype and broadcasts video and audio in mono or stereo format. In addition to Skype, you can use other video broadcasting technology with video recording features.

You can connect an interpreter to the communication channel by finding him/her on the Avatara’s site (if your Avatara does not know your language). In addition to glasses, Avatara person can use a tablet PC or phone for your interaction with a collocutor via Skype.

A person marks himself/herself incognito on the world’s map so that customers can find him/her and connect to him/her. Any person in the world can receive a temporary or permanent earnings if connected to the Avatara system.

You can choose more expensive or cheaper Avatara individuals in the desired coordinates, with the best or the appropriate Internet equipment. There are Avatara which simply register in their cities not showing themselves on the map. There are super professional Avatara from the media field with professional video equipment. There are Avatara for which it is a constant earnings – Avatara at exhibitions, in stores, in casinos, in tourist cities, at conferences, ...