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Menlo One is a decentralised ICO marketplace and asset management platform. The project is creating an ecosystem offering community driven due diligence, in which everyday investors and startups can work together in a trusted, decentralised environment. The community works together to rate ICO’s (upvoting/downvoting functionality similar to Quora/Reddit) through incentivised performance-based payment using the native MET token. This will mean no bribery of companies or reviewers can take place within the platform and reviews will reflect the true opinion of the reviewers. The platform offers a plethora of features for both investors and startups, including the Menlo Smart Wallet, the Menlo Pitchbox and the Flagship Menlo One Townhall.

Menlo One is a set of systems and protocols which rewards users in tokens for their attention to view profiles of token sellers. All data is stored on distributed storage and a byzantine fault tolerant public blockchain (Ethereum or others), but cached on an array of autonomous content nodes for speed and reliability. Token sellers pay users in MET for their attention and content nodes for data availability. Rewards for both nodes and users are based on Proof of Reputation scheme where the size of the reward is relative to their reputation. Reputation is earned by providing value to the community and stored as a Token Curated Registry. It’s completely decentralized, with no single point of failure, and delivers blockchain validated data with the speed of a traditional web host.

The mission of Menlo One is to disintermediate the exchange of value. Doing so will lead to a world that is more prosperous and just. We’re starting by making tools that will spur mass adoption of blockchain crowdfunding (ICOs) by making them so simple and secure that anyone can participate. While most of the positively transformative innovation of our era has come from small, dedicated teams, funding has mostly been limited to those with connections to the elite. We think teams should get funded based on their merit, not by their pedigree. By building the infrastructure to do so, we’ll see a Cambrian Explosion of innovation that raises the quality of life for everyone on earth.