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Crypto currency Advanced Internet Blocks was originally conceived by developers to raise funds at the expense of the cost of the coin itself in order to invest in mobile development, project infrastructure, further development of AIB crypto coins, as well as in real estate. It started in the spring of 2015 in Canada.

The creators of the digital currency do not yet promise any profit to potential investors and warn that this is an investment with a high risk. The company now most of the attention and resources it considers important to invest in community activity, source code development and in general in blockchain technology, as a decentralized environment for the circulation of financial assets.

According to forecasts of many specialists in this field, AIB will have a good return and can be a profitable investment option. This is due to the fact that mining still has the capacity to extract 1.99 billion AIB, in all, about 31.5 billion units will be produced. The currency uses the sCrypt + AuxPow Merge mining confirmation algorithm. At the moment there are about 32 million coins in circulation. Advanced Internet Blocks allows you to conduct instant transactions in a decentralized block network.

AdvancedInternetBlock Price Chart

AdvancedInternetBlock price today – 0.003277 USD, price change is 7.89% for 1 day. AIB market cap is 0 USD by 2019-10-16, low price was 0.003025 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.003289 USD. AdvancedInternetBlock volume for 1 day is 0.0 USD