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0.1708 USD
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$ 56.60 M
14 385.276092 BTC
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0.000045 BTC
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0.000042 BTC
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The problem with the majority of the digital coins is the fact that are closed networks without any customization potential. However, the Aelf currency seems to dispute such a belief by offering the innovations as reflected in the ELF chart and Aelf stock market. Offering the blockchain-based solution, the project also opens the new door with its functionality, which is appealing to all those who actively buy Aelf. In simple terms, the ELF currency has the unique governance system that allows for improving the scalability while still remaining adaptable to all the developers and ELF coin wallet owners.

All the while, Aelf consists of one big chain and a multitude of side ones that run the smart contracts on such a massive platform. ELF price in USD, in turn, is formed with the help of such a capability, which is why anyone should at least research how to buy Aelf. Nevertheless, it's also important to note that each of the side chains has its own specialization and is dedicated to one type of the contract. In turn, the ELF value has gotten up in the recent while solely because of this. After all, one should better keep track of the EFL price graph to not miss all of the opportunities.

aelf Price Chart

aelf price today – 0.1708 USD, price change is -0.44% for 1 day. ELF market cap is 56.60 M USD by 2019-03-26, low price was 0.166899 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.176500 USD. aelf volume for 1 day is 4.5 М USD

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