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According to statistics, more than 50% of air crashes are related to the human factor. And this is reasonable, because the on-board systems providing life support and flight are often duplicated. But there is always a risk of the human factor. Buy ARN token and start your way investor. Namely - insufficient competence of pilots, fatigue of pilots, in consequence of work overtime, not conducted or conducted, but not qualitatively pre fights check and preparation. ARN token price in usd depends on the current status on the crypto exchange. The databases that are used to provide flight often use outdated and inefficient methods of collecting information. ARN token chart can be seen in the corresponding menu on the site. They are difficult to access for external audit and are disjointed.

ARN token stock market is an autonomous mechanism. It is these tasks that the Aeron project solves. The solution will be to create a single database, which will be available to airlines, air schools, pilots and passengers. This database will not be possible to change or hack. Visit the official website to see ARN token price live. Participation in the Aeron system will be a kind of voluntary certification, which will drive out unscrupulous participants from the market. ARN token wallet is a set of algorithms and reliable storage. What else I liked about the project is the fact that it is organized by a pro. The founders of Aeron are bright aviation professionals.

Aeron Price Chart

Aeron price today – 0.2300 USD, price change is -4.17% for 1 day. ARN market cap is 4,590.46 K USD by 2018-12-16, low price was 0.227586 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.236346 USD. Aeron volume for 1 day is 1 М USD

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