-1.07 %
1.04 USD
Market Cap
$ 190.94 M
23 822.419457 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000134 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000126 BTC
Last modify date
Bitcoin Diamond rating

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to USD price calculator


Bitcoin Diamond currency is a variation of Bitcoin that takes place at the fixed 495866 block height. There, with a freshly made chain, Bitcoin Diamond coins will be generated. A new PoW algorithm will be used for creating blocks, which is going to continue improving and enhancing the security and the privacy.

The initial Bitcoin blockchain will proceed operating unchanged, but Bitcoin Diamond stock market will break up with the original blockchain. Bitcoin Diamond wallet uses the same transaction history as Bitcoin up to the moment it begins to split off. As a result, a new digital money appeared by the name Bitcoin Diamond.

What is BDC coin? It’s a Bitcoin fork and another altcoin.

Nine years after its rise, Bitcoin no longer meets the demands of the modern cryptocommunity. Bitcoin Diamon value is here to eliminate this. BDC chart provides you with privacy protection, fast transactions and a friendly community growing in numbers by the hour. Those who look for better investments should better research how to buy BDC coin, because it’s simply a better version of Bitcoin. If you buy BDC coin, you get upgraded technologies, groundbreaking encryption techniques and ensured privacy.

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Bitcoin Diamond Price Chart

Bitcoin Diamond price today – 1.04 USD, price change is -1.07% for 1 day. BCD market cap is 190.94 M USD by 2019-05-25, low price was 1.010000 USD, high price for 24 hours was 1.071824 USD. Bitcoin Diamond volume for 1 day is 2.9 М USD