-13.28 %
0.4011 USD
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0.000048 BTC
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0.000038 BTC
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Bitcoin Private (BTCP) to USD price calculator


Bitcoin Private is another cryptocurrency, which in its performance is much like Bitcoin. Their transactions are also decentralized, they will be checked for security by network nodes using cryptography and recorded in a public book. However, there are certain differences. The coin supports an increased block size and blocks the time for faster transactions with lower commissions. Also, transactions can be recorded in a private book, a separate option for those who are very worried about the safety of personal data. This means that when making transfer of coins, all people who are involved in this and the amount of money remains closed to outsiders.

Not so long ago it was discovered that the standard security system of cryptocurrency is also vulnerable. Almost any person has access to information about each transaction. Some companies used this information for personal gain. In order to bring to naught such a drain information and was created Bitcoin Private cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Private Price Chart

Bitcoin Private price today – 0.4011 USD, price change is -13.28% for 1 day. BTCP market cap is 0 USD by 2019-07-20, low price was 0.394808 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.501508 USD. Bitcoin Private volume for 1 day is 941.0 USD

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