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Bitcoinz is a decentralized network and crypto currency that loudly calls itself Bitcoin 2.0 and is built on the technologies of the very first crypto currency with a stable Zcash kernel.

Buy MEME token and share them with your friends. The goal of the project is to transfer all the best free software to the market in order to be able to use it in Bitcoinz, and also to make the crypto currency as accessible to the average person as possible. MEME token price in usd is much higher than other projects currency.

MEME token chart is a constant indicator that determines the structural trends. Bitcoinz focuses on anonymous transactions (privacy of zk-SNARKs), which cannot be said about Bitcoin, where all transactions are public and available. The transaction speed is impressive: 2MB every 2.5 minutes.

MEME token stock market is experiencing rapid growth and ahead of all indicators. The system is available decentralized and simple GPU mining (ASIC miners are prohibited, hardheads are allowed). A total of 21,000,000,000 BTCZ coins can be mined. Current delivery - 12,500 coins every 2.5 minutes. Use promotional materials to find out how to buy MEME token. Coins are calculated only in accordance with the PoW algorithm and it will never be changed to PoS. Crypto currency has a large block size similar to BCC / BCH.

MEME token wallet is one of the most secure repositories. Another feature of the project is decentralized development - all participants work as volunteers and can freely join the project as developers.

BitcoinZ Price Chart

BitcoinZ price today – 0.0001446 USD, price change is 0% for 1 day. BTCZ market cap is 849.93 K USD by 2019-12-13, low price was 0.000072 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.000145 USD. BitcoinZ volume for 1 day is 73.9 К USD