3.92 %
0.1076 USD
Market Cap
$ 6,727.16 K
2 036.979019 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000034 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000031 BTC
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Blocktix rating

Blocktix is a platform based on the Etherium and covers the markets for ticket sales for events, transfer of tickets and advertising events. Blocktix is a single system for all services that provides low overhead for distributors and promoters. Buy TIX token for crypto investment in this project. Ethereum smart contracts company Blocktix offers solutions to many of the issues faced by business organization events. TIX token price in usd will show the dynamics of the return on assets. The project has a huge potential and collected an impressive amount of deng in the sale of tokens. TIX token wallet is a good alternative to physical data carriers.

TIX token chart affects the international quotes of coins. Thanks to a simple and intuitive platform, users can quickly find and book tickets for their favorite events. TIX token stock market is much more active than fiat tools. This is really a convenient service that will revolutionize the field of electronic sales. Very few companies can boast such support in social networks and the media. Blocktix made a real sensation. TIX token price live is a symbiosis of a set of assets and speculative fluctuations. At the moment, the company implements all the declared functions and services on its platform.

Blocktix Price Chart

Blocktix price today – 0.1076 USD, price change is 3.92% for 1 day. TIX market cap is 6,727.16 K USD by 2018-12-17, low price was 0.101784 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.111450 USD. Blocktix volume for 1 day is 627 К USD

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