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What is Dai coin? Dai coin is a currency that has a stabilized worth towards the US dollar. The DAI’s currency developers affirm that exactly this currency intended to fully actualize the traditional and essential technology as blockchain. The qualitative performance of Dai coin is obliged to the Maker service providing customers with a SmartContracts technology. Maker service includes a special algorithm that correctly distributes debts, feedback feature and attracts outer participants.

Buy DAI currency and you will be able to exploit earlier purchased ETH coins for development of Dai new ones. As all the cryptocurrencies of the world’s market, Dai coin is exploited for transferring of your assets to any customers of the internal system of the currency, purchases in the Internet services in the form of special purpose services, goods and other e-commerce products and for banking services. You should know that DAI currency focuses on businesses which are involved in commerce without any intermediary. If you doubt about the stability of the stock market you should know that in the case of its unsteadiness implemented in Dai’s coin system algorithm removes the binding of the currency to others. After that, the way of the DAI’s currency work will be stabilized.

Are you thinking about how to buy Dai coin? It’s easy to purchase it on Poloniex, Bitrex and Yobit and see the price graphs on the stock market. Price in USD always varies like any other cryptocurrency.

Dai Price Chart

Dai price today – 1.02 USD, price change is 0.27% for 1 day. DAI market cap is 0 USD by 2018-12-17, low price was 1.010000 USD, high price for 24 hours was 1.023634 USD. Dai volume for 1 day is 4.7 К USD

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