-19.21 %
0.003294 USD
Market Cap
$ 3.29 M
345.728770 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000000 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000000 BTC
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DataWallet (DXT) to USD price calculator


Internet users make up a special sector of the rapidly growing information economy, which provides companies with providers with significant financial returns from the expansion of information traffic. Buy DXT token and integrate into the new project. DataWallet is just exactly such a reliable service that can provide both reliability of storing information data of private customers and the possibility of using them in business without resorting to the services of intermediary companies, as it is currently happening. DXT token price in usd shows positive dynamics. DataWallet provides information service providers with access to secure data storage, management and protection using modern forms of cryptography. The level of DXT token chart is growing rapidly. Any information service provider has a good tool for monitoring all traffic, its volume and distribution among users.

DXT token stock market is progressing with great speed. DXT token wallet allows you to make a lot of directed payments. The company presented its investment memorandum, although not entirely intended for the average user, but nevertheless is detailed enough to be understandable for the main clients, including research companies. Many indicators signal the growth of DXT token price live. DataWallet considers its main goal that the information ecosystem conforms to the values of security, maximum data transfer speed and compatibility with other similar systems.

DataWallet Price Chart

DataWallet price today – 0.003294 USD, price change is -19.21% for 1 day. DXT market cap is 3.29 M USD by 2019-07-17, low price was 0.003100 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.004081 USD. DataWallet volume for 1 day is 2.9 К USD

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