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$ 2.14 M
294.992915 BTC
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Datum (DAT) to USD price calculator


Every day Internet users produce a huge amount of data, the lion's share of which does not belong to them. Companies such as Facebook and Google are thriving by collecting huge amounts of user data in exchange for free services. After all, "If you do not pay for it: you are not a customer, you are a commodity," the founders of the project believe. Buy DAT token and start the personal crypto investment. DAT token price in usd is a set of interrelated factors that influence the final formation of a value. Popular crypto exchanges contribute to the formation of top positions DAT token chart.

The goal of Datum is to allow users to own virtual data by themselves. Moreover, as a client, the project intends to attract corporate and government structures, offering them the opportunity to quickly exchange large and secure data sets. DAT token stock market is a strong and independent mechanism. Many factors affect DAT token price live. The Datum platform has its own prospects, but only on condition that it will be actively used by corporate and state structures. This raises the question of how much the same NASA, mentioned by CEO Datum, will be ready to share their data through the technology of blocking in a situation when the governments of many countries openly declare their cautious attitude towards the ICO. The rate for attracting public clients is low. DAT token wallet is the best mechanism for saving savings.

As for corporate clients - a variety of research agencies, financial structures - the service represents the prospects of a large sales market.

Datum Price Chart

Datum price today – 0.0008063 USD, price change is -0.18% for 1 day. DAT market cap is 2.14 M USD by 2019-12-13, low price was 0.000794 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.000825 USD. Datum volume for 1 day is 75.4 К USD

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