13.67 %
0.1078 USD
Market Cap
$ 9.22 M
839.386622 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000010 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000008 BTC
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FirstBlood (1ST) to USD price calculator


FirstBlood is a blockbuster platform, focused on e-sports competitions. Here, players will be able to demonstrate their skills in selected disciplines, and viewers will make predictions and make bets. The system is designed to allow you to earn skillful players and good (or successful) analysts. As a means of exchange, a 1ST token is used.

Buy 1ST token for smart investing in a prospective project. FirstBlood is a decentralized platform designed for professional gamers and fans of spectacular matches. It allows you to earn in two ways - demonstrating skills in certain e-sports disciplines or betting on who, how and under what conditions will win (or lose). 1ST token price in usd is a clear indicator of growth. At the same time, the system is protected from hacking and fraud, and intermediaries (bookmakers, managers, etc.) are excluded from the chain. The 1ST token chart is located in the display table on the site. As a result, a very small percentage of the winnings is collected from the winners, when compared with traditional platforms of this type. 1ST token stock market is the medium of continuous growth.

FirstBlood is built on the basis of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Therefore, the wagers here are based on pre-prepared smart contracts. A separate contract is concluded by each player before the start of the match. 1ST token wallet will effectively save your coins. Visit the official portal to see 1ST token price live. The sizes of bets and conditions of a match vary in each concrete case.

FirstBlood Price Chart

FirstBlood price today – 0.1078 USD, price change is 13.67% for 1 day. 1ST market cap is 9.22 M USD by 2019-07-21, low price was 0.089018 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.113968 USD. FirstBlood volume for 1 day is 21.1 К USD

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