2.33 %
0.003778 USD
Market Cap
$ 40.82 M
4 755.190937 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000000 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000000 BTC
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FunFair (FUN) to USD price calculator


FunFair currency is one of the projects that posits itself as the one, oriented on the blockchain principles. In turn, it does not doubt that the FUN chart and the FunFair stock market reflects a belief that the blockchain technology is yet to be explored, even though there are already some projects impacting the industry. The FunFair currency aims to boost its potential of getting things to the brand new level, unseen in any other digital coin before.

As a primary use of the FUN digital coin lies in using the currency in the online casinos, while simultaneously saving the focus on decentralization. All those having FunFair coin wallet, as well as keeping track of the FUN price in USD are avid gamblers, which can be understood because of the currency's focus. As a side note, FUN also claims itself to be a platform for a lack of vulnerability towards the hacking attacks, something that attracts all those who buy FunFair. Besides, the FUN price graph and its promising features only further such an idea to the masses. Not to forget to mention that before researching how to buy FunFair coin, one needs to realize that it also uses the smart contracts, which may be appealing to some. These people are the exact ones who help to boost the FUN value.

FunFair Price Chart

FunFair price today – 0.003778 USD, price change is 2.33% for 1 day. FUN market cap is 40.82 M USD by 2019-11-17, low price was 0.003649 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.003827 USD. FunFair volume for 1 day is 201.0 К USD

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