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GeoCoin (GEO) is an alternative cryptocurrency that uses the Qubit algorithm for mining. The coin carries an ambitious idea - the attraction of GIS technologies (geographic information systems) in Blockchain. Search for the specks to know what GEO token is. GEO token wallet is very comfortable to keep your money in digital currency.

This chip will be implemented in the near future, judging by the roadmap of developers of cryptocurrency. After that, the coin will be added to many exchange exchanges cryptocurrency, which will bring additional popularity to GeoCoin, especially if the developers are fully able to fulfill the promised. GEO token price in usd is higher than analogs. When GeoCoin gains enough popularity and this service will have a large army of participants, it will be profitable to organize all kinds of actions, sales, and presentations and further on the list. Visit the official website to know how to buy GEO token.

GEO uses blocking technology for a decentralized monetary network. This means that you can safely and easily send your money to anyone in a peer-to-peer manner through secure and instant transactions! In total, 5 million coins are produced, which in theory should well stimulate the dynamics of the coin's growth. In contrast, say from the ether ETH, where the mining is not limited and the rate is growing quite uncertain. The popularity of GEO token currency is increasing stable. GEO token stock market is growing very fast. A new, improved MapBox interface provides an experience of using a web map as a game. Improved cartography: MapBox makes possible a more dynamic style of the web map.

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GeoCoin price today – 0.2306 USD, price change is 0% for 1 day. GEO market cap is 854.13 K USD by 2019-11-14, low price was 0.230591 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.235552 USD. GeoCoin volume for 1 day is 0.0 USD