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IOTA currency (MIOTA) is a mind-shaping project that has the potential to function as the main holder and advocate behind the internet of things and data. The MIOTA chart could be tracked back to 2014 when the IOTA currency was officially established. Truly, it is the only crypto-project available nowadays that functions as the lightweight ledger that has the ability to change in shape, is fully decentralized, thus can be used for the benefit when looking at use-cases on the internet.

The MIOTA value is dependent on IOTA price in USD, as well as on the number of people wanting to buy MIOTA. All the progressive-leaning press today, including Forbes and the Huffington Post, recognizes the benefits of having the MIOTA coin wallet, as well as keeps carefully looking at the IOTA stock market.

A plethora of the educational establishments have also recognized the potential of the currency and decided to implement some of the projects connected with the IOTA price graph. The possibility to make the transaction without leaving a mark behind is something that keeps fascinating people behind the idea to buy MIOTA coin. Likewise, it's use of the unparalleled Blockchain technology contributes to the rise of popularity.

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IOTA Price Chart

IOTA price today – 0.3019 USD, price change is 0.5% for 1 day. IOT market cap is 839.14 M USD by 2019-02-22, low price was 0.300400 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.309600 USD. IOTA volume for 1 day is 5.2 М USD

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