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At the end of April last, 2016, A new Lisk cryptocurrency was launched. Crowdfunding campaign (ICO) to raise funds for the development of this project started on February 22 of the same year and a month later successfully completed with the result of 6 million dollars (14,000 bitcoins), fully fulfilling its task of attracting financial resources.

Since the first steps in the market LSK have attracted the attention of interested users, primarily due to the platform on which it is based. The increased interest provoked a rise in the cost and allowed this fork to enter the top ten of the rating of cryptocurrencies in terms of price and profitability of production. Actual price in USD is always available in different stock markets.

The first platform, where they began to offer a new cryptocurrency, was the exchange YoBit. How to buy LSK? Now you can buy currency it on Poloniex (here the lion's share of all volumes is traded), on Bittrex, and on some other exchanges. The currency holds its positions in the stock market. The analysis of the LSK gives us an idea about the history of the growth of the coin.

The value of LSK will only be in the long run, if the Lisk network becomes the leading technology to create new applications during this year, then the project will be a success. Despite the fact that LSK has a demand among developers, It does not have a high volume of trading on exchanges, which does not allow it to reach such "giants" as bitcoin or ether.

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Lisk price today – 0.7539 USD, price change is -2.79% for 1 day. LSK market cap is USD by 2019-11-21, low price was 0.742081 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.769129 USD. Lisk volume for 1 day is 731.8 К USD