0.81 %
0.02018 USD
Market Cap
$ 20.17 M
2 478.957618 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000003 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000002 BTC
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Loom Network (LOOM) to USD price calculator


Loom is a digital token created on top of the Ethereum blockbuster network Loom Network. In its essence, Loom Network will provide users with functionality similar to Ethereum, but there will be a number of features. Buy LOOM token and become a part of the investment community.

A feature of Loom Network is that each created application will have its own block. Such a function can ensure the simultaneous operation of projects, without additional main network load. LOOM token price in usd is growing on the wave of the popularity of the project. Also, the Loom Network team identifies 2 industries in which they would like to develop: gambling and social interaction. LOOM token stock market is developing faster than planned by the developers. According to the developers, their platform is ideal for creating a whole line of games, and will be able to conduct various social programs. LOOM token wallet is allows you to make protected transactions.

Improved network scaling will provide faster user interaction on the platform than on Ether. Learn how to buy LOOM token and join a large community. At first glance, the project Loom Network is not attractive, because in fact, it is an improved copy of Ethereum'a. But, the Loom Network team did not set the task to create a unique product. They took an existing and working project, and improved it a little. You can use themed services to learn LOOM token price live. At the same time, clearly defining the niche in which they want to develop.

Loom Network Price Chart

Loom Network price today – 0.02018 USD, price change is 0.81% for 1 day. LOOM market cap is 20.17 M USD by 2019-11-20, low price was 0.019496 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.020309 USD. Loom Network volume for 1 day is 338.0 К USD

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