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Maker (MKR) to USD price calculator


For about five years, the initiators of the Ethereum platform have announced their intention to develop and implement stable virtual money, the low level of volatility of which should be provided by reference to real values – traditional money and precious metals.

Currently, the initiators of the project are developing a stable currency - Dai token that meets the standard ERC20 (in the ecosystem under consideration called MKR). Thanks to this, it fits perfectly into the concept of Ethereum smart contracts and is compatible with standard electronic wallets. At the time of writing, Dai does not have a formal connection to traditional money; however, the oracles informing about asset rates are denominated in derivatives (SDR).

How to buy currency MKR? You can buy Marker coin can on the stock exchange.

This platform has an important advantage in comparison with the majority of analogues — the platform of margin trading. At the same time, the so-called “collateral debt position” (CDP) is used as security for issued Dai tokens, which is automatically sent to the corresponding smart contract. In parallel, it is an independent platform of margin trading and provides the maximum degree of anonymity and the best price level. Actual price in USD is always available in different stock markets.

Maker Price Chart

Maker price today – 482.09 USD, price change is 0.14% for 1 day. MKR market cap is 482.28 M USD by 2019-10-17, low price was 479.640920 USD, high price for 24 hours was 499.555950 USD. Maker volume for 1 day is 1.2 М USD

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