-2.99 %
43.11 USD
Market Cap
$ 716.95 M
210 058.174384 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.013117 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.012306 BTC
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What is XMR coin? How is it possible to create a Monero coin wallet? Is Monero currency connected with XMR value? Before answering these and many other questions, it may be helpful to comprehend the technical details about the digital coin itself.

Starting from the April 2014, the XMR coin was a pre-announced and equal CryptoNote reference parts of the code. The XMR price in USD was formed entirely without the block rewards going to the development process. Actually, you can see the excerps from the original discussion in here, where the users discuss how to buy Monero, XMR chart, and just overall discuss the unlimited possibilities of the Monero currency. Originally, the coin's founder proposed some of the changes that were critically acclaimed by the fans of the coin.

The fall-out has emerged and the Monero Core Team took the lead. Those wondering to buy XMR coin should know that Monero has made some huge improvements since the day it started. The blockchain technology has transferred to the different place, all the transactions became private by force, and the RingCT was used to hide the transaction values. Don't hesitate, buy XMR today!

Monero Price Chart

Monero price today – 43.11 USD, price change is -2.99% for 1 day. XMR market cap is 716.95 M USD by 2018-12-13, low price was 42.000000 USD, high price for 24 hours was 44.770000 USD. Monero volume for 1 day is 5.9 М USD

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