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$ 6,482.10 K
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Monetha is a payment service that implements a decentralized system of trust and reputation based on smart contracts. A feature of the service is the availability of an algorithm that analyzes the reputation of e-commerce participants and assigns to them a constantly updated trust rating, which is based on real feedback, factual information on transactions. Buy MTH token and start your way investor. The aim of the project is to increase the effectiveness of interaction between participants in the e-commerce system and to resolve problems of trust between buyers and sellers. MTH token price in usd depends on the current status on the crypto exchange.

MTH token chart can be seen in the corresponding menu on the site. The Monetha payment system will allow you to accept any tokens created on the Ethereum platform. In addition, for sellers will be given the opportunity to instantly exchange received cryptocurrency for the currency of the currency. MTH token stock market is an autonomous mechanism. Visit the official website to see MTH token price live. For users Monetha provides the implementation of payments in the cryptocurrency, the availability of ratings to select a seller based on trust, as well as a system of bonuses. MTH token wallet is a set of algorithms and reliable storage. Sellers get the most favorable terms in comparison with the use of other existing payment systems - the fastest money transfers (the average transfer speed is 2 minutes) and the minimum commission (1.5%).

Monetha Price Chart

Monetha price today – 0.01611 USD, price change is 1.24% for 1 day. MTH market cap is 6,482.10 K USD by 2018-12-17, low price was 0.015640 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.016480 USD. Monetha volume for 1 day is 90.4 К USD

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