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NEM is not just some branch or subdivision of the current superior cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. In fact, the XEM currency (don't confuse with the movement) was created on the basis which aims to focus on addressing the existing problems with the digital currencies, such as energy devouring, the capacity of size change, ease of use, control, decentralization, and the motivation to buy XEM (a name for the New Economy's Movement digital coin).

What is XEM coin and how to get the XEM coin wallet? People who wonder how to buy XEM coin should focus on XEM chart for the most part and the methods used for obtaining it. XEM stock market indicates that the currency is harvested instead of being traditionally mined. When the owner's account surpasses over 10,000 NEM, the profits will be settled by the algorithm and the "miner" will receive an opportunity to obtain the coins passively. New Economy's Movement price graph shows that this method saves on power usage as can be reflected on the number of coins available. As the New Economy's Movement currency is used more, people who harvest it can gain even more of it, which gives an extra incentive for those curious about XEM price in USD. This is just one of the reasons to buy New Economy's Movement coin online.

NEM Price Chart

NEM price today – 0.06908 USD, price change is 0.2% for 1 day. XEM market cap is 621.21 M USD by 2018-12-13, low price was 0.067520 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.075690 USD. NEM volume for 1 day is 2.9 М USD

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