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Neurotoken (NTK) to USD price calculator


Neurotoken is a cryptocurrency created specially for internal use of the Neuromation Platform. Their blockchain technology using the Proof-of-Work system will improve the structure of work of their artificial intelligence product.

Changing the approach to the work of this industry has long been asking for itself, since deep training uses artificial neural networks with a large capacity, in consequence requires high-quality and high-precision marking. By itself, collecting data has never caused problems, its implementation is quite simple. Problems arise when describing them, the process of preparing them for use is an expensive and difficult task.

Some time ago, the crowdsourcing approach was used to solve this problem, a large number of people were involved, who worked to correct errors and improve accuracy. Nevertheless, because of the dependence on a large number of human labor, this process was too costly and ineffective. Thus, the company came to its decision and it turned out to be quite successful.

Neurotoken Price Chart

Neurotoken price today – 0.01693 USD, price change is 0.66% for 1 day. NTK market cap is 0 USD by 2019-07-20, low price was 0.016497 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.017574 USD. Neurotoken volume for 1 day is 3.8 К USD

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