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0.01768 USD
Market Cap
$ 17.78 M
1 780.128323 BTC
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Nxt (NXT) to USD price calculator


Nextcoin was called “the king of alternative cryptocurrencies", “digital basis for everything”, “second-generation cryptographic platform”, “transparent mining technology”, “great fraud”. The cause of the rumors and speculation that all NXT coins in advance (as it were) extracted. There are 4 points you need to know:

1) NXT Is 100% Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coin. This means that all coins are issued in the Genesis block.
2) Coins are not Mein in the classic sense. Primary shareholders distributed among themselves 1 billion But “crypt” won't settle down in their pockets, and will be used for advance, awards for work.
3) NXT was not made of air. Even the author of Nxt (BCNxt) listed bitcoins.
4) The Genesis block was not created closed. The trial was 100% public.

The creators are experts from BCNext (Jean-Luc, wesleyh, Jones, Come-from-Beyond and others). Where to buy NXT coin? Buy Nxt coins currently on Binance, Litebit, Cryptomate, Poloniex and etc. Price in USD always varies like any other cryptocurrency. The value of the coin in the stock market is easy to observe in the price graph.

The creators use the system “brain wallet” (“trick the brain”). This approach guarantees decentralization and protects clients from harassment by the authorities. When you create an account, you use a secret password. When the system automatically generated an account number, you can log in to it.

Nxt Price Chart

Nxt price today – 0.01768 USD, price change is 5.36% for 1 day. NXT market cap is 17.78 M USD by 2019-08-24, low price was 0.017296 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.018105 USD. Nxt volume for 1 day is 515.6 К USD