-35.53 %
0.01830 USD
Market Cap
$ 3.02 M
290.045603 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000003 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000002 BTC
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Paragon (PRG) to USD price calculator


The Paragon project aims to legalize marijuana, focusing on its medical use. The idea was met both by support from many experts and by criticism, which creates conflicting views on such a platform. Buy PRG token for crypto investment in this project. Platform Paragon offers the use of the concept of blockade to legalize all the processes associated with the production and consumption of marijuana. PRG token price in usd will show the dynamics of the return on assets. The idea is that the chain of blocks will contain unchanged information about manufacturers, suppliers, prescriptions of doctors and users.

PRG token chart affects the international quotes of coins. The Paragon project is implemented on the basis of Ethereum and through the use of smart contracts suggests making the process of cannabis consumption transparent. PRG token stock market is much more active than fiat tools. The developers focus on the fact that marijuana for medical purposes can successfully be used to treat stress and depression. PRG token price live is a symbiosis of a set of assets and speculative fluctuations. However, for this application of the product, all conditions for its legalization should be created. PRG token wallet is a good alternative to physical data carriers. These solutions, according to the developers of Paragon should eliminate those factors that prevent the free non-cash spread of marijuana for medical purposes.

Paragon Price Chart

Paragon price today – 0.01830 USD, price change is -35.53% for 1 day. PRG market cap is 3.02 M USD by 2019-07-16, low price was 0.018297 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.030050 USD. Paragon volume for 1 day is 50.0 USD

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