-12.6 %
0.07823 USD
Market Cap
$ 9.02 M
903.468792 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000010 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000008 BTC
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Primas (PST) to USD price calculator


Primas is a new project for recommendations, deals, and publications. This coin allows you to produce, select and consume content. To do this, it uses Blockchain skill, market inducements, and communal guidance.

Currency Primas together with your side is trying to use the Blockchain and new technology to improve the gratified on the marketplace. They are trying to resolve the problematic where high-quality content is not recognized by almost, not really spread and not paid. An efficient search engine, as well as content reference, serves to provide excellence content to operators. The new content assessment system in the market gives great benefit to authors of high-quality content. Properties of the Blockchain to guarantee the patent protection for original manufacturers from the indirect access. It is dispersed data organization that provides better defense for user privacy. Price in USD is ranges you can always check it at the Binance, Poloniex, Hit-BTC. You can search different websites and learn how to buy Primas coin. The coin chart will tell you the history and price policy of the stock market during the whole time.

Primas provides a new phase, infrastructure, and a Protocol called a decentralized right-hand gratified Protocol. This is all sent to the Internet to create the tracked data for any content. There is also PRIMAS DNA. Primas value is growing, you can check its price on any crypto exchange platform.This is a unique digital fingerprint. It contains metadata, including author name, content thumbprint, and publication time. When we read the information, we see the exact time when the original was published, as well as changes made later. This all adds value to the information.

Primas Price Chart

Primas price today – 0.07823 USD, price change is -12.6% for 1 day. PST market cap is 9.02 M USD by 2019-08-24, low price was 0.077484 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.099273 USD. Primas volume for 1 day is 818.9 К USD

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