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Private Instant Verified Transaction rating

By its nature, the Private Instant Verified Transaction, or commonly called PIVX emerged from the other cryptocurrency, DASH. The ultimate mission of PIVX currency lies in building the governance of the community, as well as decentralizing the project from the technology itself. Thus, as can be seen, by PIVX stock market, the coin is trying to operate on the basis of the ease of use in the world of the digital exchanges. Besides, the PIVX currency is aiming to ensure the safety-net and privacy with the ideology that it ultimately carries on to its customers. In turn, as reflected in the PIVX price in USD, the currency wants to minimize the transaction time range, while keeping the secure and private network.

All of the people not hesitant to buy PIVX (its community) is truly global-minded and active on the online platforms, such as Discord and Reddit among others. The PIVX chart and PIVX value are formed solely because of the support of all these people. Nevertheless, the team of developers welcomes all of the PIVX coin wallet owners to participate and regularly encourages so through the opportunities to buy PIVX coin. After all, it's better to regularly keep track of the PIVX price graph to not miss all of the updates.

Private Instant Verified Transaction Price Chart

Private Instant Verified Transaction price today – 0.4910 USD, price change is -1.84% for 1 day. PIVX market cap is 0 USD by 2018-12-17, low price was 0.478500 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.512437 USD. Private Instant Verified Transaction volume for 1 day is 246.8 К USD

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