-2.57 %
0.01338 USD
Market Cap
$ 8.07 M
1 122.273185 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000002 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000002 BTC
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QLC Chain (QLC) to USD price calculator


Сryptocurrency QLINK is the unit for making settlements within the mobile operator QLINK. Yes, you correctly understood, QLINK is a mobile operator, which began its development in 2016, and is built on blocking technology. Thanks to this technology, any telephone calls through the mobile network QLINK will be completely safe. QLINK token price in usd depends on the current status on the crypto exchange. Once again, we recall that QLINK is based on the NEO project - for those who do not know, this is the Chinese equivalent of Ethereum. Buy QLINK token and start your way investor.

In addition to providing mobile services, the QLINK project will develop its own equipment. According to the team, they plan to complete the development of their own equipment by the end of 2018. QLINK token chart can be seen in the corresponding menu on the site. In the technical documentation of the project, this equipment is called Base Station, which will be a mix of router and ASIC miner. QLINK token stock market is an autonomous mechanism.

Visit the official website to see QLINK token price live. The same devices will form a coverage network, and also allow their holders to earn QLC tokens via these devices. One such station will be able to provide access to a network of 8 to 10 people at a time. QLINK token wallet is a set of algorithms and reliable storage. The QLINK platform and its QLC tokens, like any other block project, have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

QLC Chain Price Chart

QLC Chain price today – 0.01338 USD, price change is -2.57% for 1 day. QLC market cap is 8.07 M USD by 2019-12-12, low price was 0.013205 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.013951 USD. QLC Chain volume for 1 day is 44.9 К USD

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