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Ravencoin is a digital coin that is part of a peer-to-peer system for transferring digital assets (tokenized assets). This ability distinguishes Ravencoin from the titans of the digital industry Bitcoin and Ethereum, as their functionality does not provide for the assignment and transfer of ownership of other assets. Buy RVN token and share them with your friends. The main feature of Ravencoin's crypto currency is its open source code, which means that anyone can take part in the development of the project. RVN token price in usd is much higher than other projects currency. RVN token price live allows you to track the current exchange rate.

Developers Ravencoin, taking as a basis code base bitcoin, have made it more perfect in terms of privacy and transparency. Ravencoin is a fairly young crypto currency. Its development began in 2017, but until the less presentable state of the project was brought in 2018, after which it was added to the listing on the stock exchanges. RVN token chart is a constant indicator that determines the structural trends. RVN token stock market is experiencing rapid growth and ahead of all indicators. Use promotional materials to find out how to buy RVN token.

RVN token wallet is one of the most secure repositories. Talking about the prospects of Ravencoin is difficult, because at the present time there is no need for the functionality that Ravencoin offers. Most likely, in a year or two the demand for Ravencoin services will be several times higher than now.

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Ravencoin price today – 0.02378 USD, price change is 1.23% for 1 day. RVN market cap is USD by 2019-12-14, low price was 0.023383 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.024727 USD. Ravencoin volume for 1 day is 3.8 М USD