0.48 %
0.05073 USD
Market Cap
$ 50.70 M
6 259.629013 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000006 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000006 BTC
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Republic Token (REN) to USD price calculator


Republic Protocol is a project offering a decentralized exchange for the exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20-tokens, providing the possibility of using the dark pool. Advances in cryptography allow the system and its participants to be protected using the protocol of confidential computing and protection and motivation systems. Buy REN token for future investments. REN token wallet allows you to make a lot of directed payments.

The possibility of cross-chain exchange allows you to exchange assets of different blockhouses through an atomic swap without the need for intermediaries. REN token price in usd is the best indicator of how the project develops. The project, possessing all this, combined with the lack of risk of vulnerability or dishonesty of the exchange itself, gives an excellent chance to be claimed, first of all, by large players wishing to enter the market or conduct large operations inside it. REN token chart is based on the dynamics of the company's development. The Republic Protocol system is a decentralized exchanger with a hidden order book.

REN token stock market is progressing with great speed. Huge trading volumes in pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum, in a compartment with the announcement of the Bitcoin futures market at CME Group and NASDAQ, and so on. Many indicators signal the growth of REN token price live. A lot of events associated with the adoption and use of developments in the crypto industry, has generated unprecedented interest from major players.

Republic Token Price Chart

Republic Token price today – 0.05073 USD, price change is 0.48% for 1 day. REN market cap is 50.70 M USD by 2019-11-20, low price was 0.050306 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.052377 USD. Republic Token volume for 1 day is 818.9 К USD

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