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0.002465 USD
Market Cap
$ 14.79 M
4 317.628531 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000001 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000001 BTC
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SelfKey is a decentralized identification system through which users can instantly check their identity for access to various products and services. The project has reliable cloud storage, allowing users to post data about themselves and their documents on their own device. Each user only has the right to decide who, when and why he transmits personal data.

Buy KEY token and start the personal crypto investment. No one has access to information without the user's consent - this is what SelfKey calls "self-limited identity." The SelfKey network includes the Identity Wallet, a wallet that allows users to request certificates of identity cards and the Marketplace, a trading platform that allows users to buy products and services. KEY token wallet is the best mechanism for saving savings.

KEY token price in usd is a set of interrelated factors that influence the final formation of a value. Many factors affect KEY token price live. Token KEY will play a decisive role in launching the SelfKey ecosystem, as all products and services will use the system's token as the payment face value. Popular crypto exchanges contribute to the formation of top positions KEY token chart. For example, KEY can be used to pay for attestation of requests and for listing on the exchange, as well as for obtaining an identity confirmation. KEY token stock market is a strong and independent mechanism.

SelfKey Price Chart

SelfKey price today – 0.002465 USD, price change is -4% for 1 day. KEY market cap is 14.79 M USD by 2018-12-13, low price was 0.002200 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.002623 USD. SelfKey volume for 1 day is 214.3 К USD

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