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Siacoin - cryptocurrency with the potential for rapid growth and development. What is SC coin? So, strictly speaking, Siacoin is a platform that is able to provide decentralized storage of various data (files). The point of the idea is that many users have blank space on their "machines" drives that can provide for the needs of other members. Together, they form a global network, decentralized, of course. Any person with SC coins will be able to place any information on the platform, and people who have provided their own resources for this purpose will also not be left behind, they will be paid for it.

"Wallet" for SC coins is called SiacoinWallet, it is easy and pleasant to work with it, the functionality is wide enough and allows you not to experience any difficulties in working with the service. How to buy currency SC? You can buy Siacoin at the stock exchanges that sell this digital currency. First of all, it is Poloniex. Actual price in USD is always available in different stock markets.

Distributed by nature, this network will allow not only inexpensive and reliable to store information to everyone, but also to earn on unoccupied spaces of your hard drives. Thus, it is beneficial both to those who need its services and to the party providing these services.

Just remember that to use Siacoin is possible only if there is a token system – this is built and use of functionality, and transactions, and contracts.

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Siacoin price today – 0.002082 USD, price change is 0% for 1 day. SC market cap is 65.52 M USD by 2019-08-18, low price was 0.001910 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.002098 USD. Siacoin volume for 1 day is 1.2 М USD

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