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Almost every person on earth uses that or other social honor from such giants as Facebook and ending with various mobile messengers. And thanks to us, ordinary users, social networks have multibillion-dollar revenues. Many of them earn not only on advertising, but also on the sale of confidential data of their users. And there is quite a reasonable question, do not we have the right to receive a part of the profit for viewing advertising, or use our data? Or maybe we do not want to use our confidential data at all? SPHR token price in usd is much more stable than analogs.

SPHERE is a new revolutionary decentralized social network, which is built on the fact that protecting confidential user information and transparent company activities should be fundamental components. Buy SPHR token and take the first step in the digital era of investment. Doing each click, viewing ads and so on you will earn. Now all our personal information, the whole history of search and preferences will be safe. SPHR token stock market is an excellent system of mutual settlements. And if we want to share it with advertisers, they will have to pay. Accordingly, now users have not only the opportunity to communicate, but also to earn and influence what is happening. SPHR token currency is an effective substitute for fiat money. SPHR token price today can be seen on the main site of the company.

SPHR token vallet provides an excellent level of protection. A huge plus is that investors are investing their money not just in a beautiful idea, but in an existing product that is already on Google Play and a beta version in the iOS app. SPHERE has a team that has been jointly developing projects for many years, they have tremendous experience.

Sphere Coin Price Chart

Sphere Coin price today – 0.09338 USD, price change is 0.69% for 1 day. SPHR market cap is 287.99 K USD by 2019-10-16, low price was 0.093156 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.098061 USD. Sphere Coin volume for 1 day is 876.0 USD