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0.06260 USD
Market Cap
$ 1.25 B
158 003.021113 BTC
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0.000008 BTC
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0.000008 BTC
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Stellar currency (XLM) in itself is operated on the basis of the open-source system that is somewhat similar to that of the Ripple. Initially, the XLM value was formed due to the efforts of Jed McCaled, who also happened to be the co-founder of the Ripple cryptocurrency. Much like it's reflected in Ripple, the Stellar price graph and the XLM price in USD skyrocketed high because of the secure payment technology that has an ultimate goal in mind to reduce the cost of international money transfers.

Likewise, XLM currency aims to connect the financial establishments and uses the same initial safety protocols. Although, there aren't many similarities extending beyond those mentioned above. Those looking to contribute to the rise of the Stellar stock market and the XLM chart should know that in early 2014 the coin launched its own protocol, being the Stellar Consensus Protocol.

Stellar price today is high because the cryptocurrency is an open-source in itself, while Ripple remains closed. If you wish to buy XLM coin simply visit any crypto exchange market. The customer base, especially those who regularly buy XLM, also happened to be distinct. Ripple works with the popular banks to secure the cross-border transfer, while Stellar is aimed at the rising markets and loan distribution. Thus, different categories of people should think if it's worth to buy Stellar coin.

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Stellar price today – 0.06260 USD, price change is -2.87% for 1 day. XLM market cap is 1.25 B USD by 2019-10-19, low price was 0.062060 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.064670 USD. Stellar volume for 1 day is 14.1 М USD