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4.09 USD
Market Cap
$ 82.28 M
8 852.211877 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000444 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000418 BTC
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UnitedBitcoin (UBTC) to USD price calculator


In the world of crypto currency users that know Bitcoin also should know what is United Bitcoin. The symbol is UBTC. It is a newly developed project of the Bitcoin currency. It appeared on the online platform recently and now people can buy UBTC and use it efficiently. The aim of the United Bicoin stock currency is to improve the system of Bicoin by introducing the system of smart coins and other modern features of the crypto currency market.

Jeff Garzik tis the creator of the UBTC chart who took part in the development of Bitcoin. He provided best scaling solutions to enable users to use the currency with best profit. The first challenge was the implementation of the Smart Contracts to the network. The United Bitcoin value is in some unique features of the coin. For example, the UBTC supports a very efficient process of distribution. Users can buy United Bitcoins with the help of UBTC wallet. They can transfer their traditional Bitcoins into this currency. But there are some limitations. Users can have new United Bitcoins if theyir wallet is inactive and no transactions were made between the 11th of November and the 12th of December (2017). Those coins that are present on such wallets can be used by the UBTC Foundation.

The main goal of the newly developed crypto currency is to make it updated. In the course of time it will be the realization of the best crypto currency project. The United Bitcoin price in usd will be also the way to have additional income as it is with Bitcoin now. The implementation of Smart Contracts system will make it more efficient.

UnitedBitcoin Price Chart

UnitedBitcoin price today – 4.09 USD, price change is 0% for 1 day. UBTC market cap is 82.28 M USD by 2019-06-17, low price was 3.887011 USD, high price for 24 hours was 4.122964 USD. UnitedBitcoin volume for 1 day is 315.5 К USD

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