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0.001798 USD
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$ 146.60 K
17.136359 BTC
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Veros (VRS) to USD price calculator


What is Veros?

It is the currency which strives to make people’s lifeeasier. With veros you are free to participate in philanthropy, topurchase goods which care about the environment and do notcontaminate our home – the Earth. This is benevolent system whichgrants you an opportunity to select the institution and to add it allalone.Wallet is available which helps you to donate facilities easy andfast. Also the additional function which enables to decide thedestiny of the project by means of poll. Buy VRS if you support theidea of saving our planet.

App of Veros also supports the market-platform which is totallyoriented on ecology. The market which is called Veros Organicoffers you to buy commodities and services which do not damagethe atmosphere. There is an app available which is new on themarket. It comprises the wide range of functions. Wallet isincluded, miner, exchange services, welfare, polls.

ETH is the base for Veros. The smart contract with ETH wasconcluded. Every user is able to change their BTC or ETH for VRS viaDigital Hearts. Also you can make transaction between wallets thatare very qiuck. Veros chart should grow because it has a lot ofadventages.All of the steps that are concerned with the platform’s progress aretaken in advance by means of polls. Coins gathered for the supportof the platform are spend on votings.

Veros Price Chart

Veros price today – 0.001798 USD, price change is 1.04% for 1 day. VRS market cap is 146.60 K USD by 2019-11-17, low price was 0.001715 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.001836 USD. Veros volume for 1 day is 67.6 К USD