2.47 %
0.1083 USD
Market Cap
$ 10.83 M
1 038.156227 BTC
High Price / 24h
0.000010 BTC
Low Price / 24h
0.000010 BTC
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WaBi (WABI) to USD price calculator


The WaBi project is being developed by Chinese specialists of Walimai in the field of protection of products from counterfeit products and counterfeits. The initial priority is put on children's food, alcoholic beverages and medicines, but in the future the platform has the potential to be used to protect all categories of goods. Buy WABI token and try new technologies in action.

Blockchain technology, providing data unchanged, opens up a wide range of possibilities for use in documentation and records management. The developers of WaBi attempted to involve the proposed mechanisms in the turnover. WABI token price in usd rises due to stable demand. WABI token stock market shows impressive statistics. Attention is drawn to the Chinese market, in which the problem of counterfeit products is increasingly exacerbated. Particularly vulnerable for citizens are baby food, cosmetics and medicines, alcohol. WABI token wallet is a block storage repository. Read the project details to learn how to buy WABI token.

For the protection of products, RFID technology, integrated with the block platform, is used. Each product in the WaBi system receives a marker containing information about the production from the date and place of manufacture to the complete history of transportation. The basic details of WABI token price live can be seen on the chart of quotations. The user of the system, after downloading to the mobile device application WaBi, can scan this marker and make sure of the originality of the product.

WaBi Price Chart

WaBi price today – 0.1083 USD, price change is 2.47% for 1 day. WABI market cap is 10.83 M USD by 2019-08-18, low price was 0.103368 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.109105 USD. WaBi volume for 1 day is 136.2 К USD

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