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ZrCoin (ZRC) to USD price calculator


Cryptotoken ZrCoin is a derivative financial instrument based on real industrial production of synthetic zirconia, using "green" technologies. By purchasing ZrCoin tokens, investors are financing the construction of a new production facility. Buy ZRC token for personal investment project. The financial instrument will be launched on the WAVES block-platform.

ZRC token price in usd varies depending on the current market situation. Synthetic zirconia is a unique product that is used in industry as a refractory material (for example, for high-temperature melting furnaces). Unlike natural zirconium dioxide, a synthetic analog is much stronger and has a much longer life. ZRC token chart statically separates price variations.

As a raw material for its production, industrial waste is used, which has a favorable effect on the ecology of the planet. ZRC token stock market shows exponential growth. ZrCoin tokens will be released on the Waves Platform. Waves can be transferred and traded on the exchange. During the ICO, investors could contribute in various currencies: bitcoin, lightcoin, etherium and others. ZRC token wallet opens the possibility of making secure payments and storing currency. The official website has information on how to buy ZRC token. The basis of the ZrCoin token is the cost of one kilogram of zirconia.

ZrCoin Price Chart

ZrCoin price today – USD, price change is 2.67% for 1 day. ZRC market cap is USD by 2019-11-22, low price was 0.000000 USD, high price for 24 hours was 0.000000 USD. ZrCoin volume for 1 day is 42.5 К USD

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