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Crypto crowdfunding is a very important part of cryptocurrency market

ICO became a good way for the projects and startups to become well known and to collect funds. But the ICO meaning should be explained first. Initial Coin Offering is a new form of the IPO that gives everyone the opportunity for investing in cryptocurrency. Crowdfunding became popular few years ago but ICO market provided the opportunity to invest BTC, ETH, altcoins. Literally, every person can initiate his own token sale by issuing the token for the crypto traders, creating legal documents such as whitepaper, terms and conditions and business plan.

The investor who is interested in buying crypto tokens should create blockchain wallet, but tokens and receive them on the wallet. It can be Bitcoin hardware wallet, Ethereum wallet etc. After the end of the token sale, ICO projects list token on crypto exchanges that give the opportunity to buy and sell tokens. Usually, token price increases and cryptocurrency investing becomes profitable for cryptotraders. There are a lot of ICO scam on the crypto market, these are fake projects which just collect funds without any real team members or product. Many people call themselves bounty hunters, they follow token sales for bounty programs and receive tokens for the actions they do in the social media, or for the website and whitepaper translations.

The new crypto trend is airdrop, various ICO send free tokens for the investors who have registered in the special list. That gives the opportunity to increase the number of crypto community members and become more recognizable on the cryptocurrency market.