Starts 01.10.2018
Ends 30.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
COTI rating

The COTI payment system was originally developed as a combination of all the strengths of existing payment systems with the capabilities of crypto-currencies and decentralized platforms. COTI ico analysis helps to form the necessary data basis to complete the investment file. COTI ico rating does not stand still and overcomes new frontiers of popularity. The project plans to become a reliable technical basis for crypto-currency and fiat payments with an easier, more economical and more reliable way of conducting transactions between buyers and sellers around the world.

COTI token sales present a chance to become a crypto currency investor. COTI makes any payments free of many intermediaries, allowing commodity exchange to evolve in the same way as the Internet provides a free flow of information. COTI ico review reveals the potential benefits of long-term investment.

COTI seeks to ensure that its payment network is universal in relation to any currency, be it fiat or digital. Join COTI Initial Coin Offering and form the basis of the future company. COTI crowdsale calendar signals the actual start of the ICO campaign. To this end, the payment network develops currency exchange, which provides participants with continuous access to liquid markets in a number of digital and currency pairs.

COTI has ended 266 days ago