Starts 24.02.2018
Ends 10.03.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Safe Haven rating

As the world turns out to be progressively keen on cryptocurrency, trades and wallets are ending up exceptionally prominent. So securing those private keys/seeds or passphrases are turning into a genuine issue on the list of cryptocurrency ICOs and the list of ICOs.

Going by the ICO analysis and token sale analysis, you can take after a considerable measure of techniques on the Initial Coin Offering, keeping in mind the end goal to safe protect your keys, for example, limiting access to them or utilizing cryptocurrency equipment stockpiling gadgets to simply name a couple of them...

In any case, what do a great many people do? They record them or transfer them on a brought together cloud stage all together not to lose them so other individuals could get to those keys/seeds the day they are not around any longer. This is justifiable on the grounds that there are no choices to increase the ICO rating and token sale rating!

Place of refuge will upset this market as it takes care of a genuine issue in the network. We are urgently needing an answer that ensures the protected and secure section of those keys/seeds to our relatives the day that we are not around any longer likewise, we enable the client to have finish get to while he/she is still near. If you don't mind read our white paper or view our wiki page to thoroughly understand it and all other token sales techniques available on the planet.