Starts 15.10.2018
Ends 15.12.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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ABE is shaping the crypto-model for the mobility ecosystem. A transport-focused reward platform to power new business models in the transportation sector.

Based on Ethereum, the ABE Token will be used for transactions within the ecosystem.

The ABE Platform handles creation and management of reward and redemption system between individuals and partners, creating an ecosystem where tokens are earned and used against mobility related products or services

The ABE Platform also empowers "data owners" (individuals, organizations and even IoT devices – any source of data to control the privacy of the data they share, whilst receiving value from future profits of its use in return – in the form of ABE Tokens.

Practical application of ABE platform in real life includes a smartphone app to track movements such as walking, running, cycling and driving. Imagine being able to sell this data in return for ABE Tokens that can be used to buy fuel, train journeys or bus rides. Discounted travel costs in return for your data, simply by using an ABE-enabled app to buy your tickets.

The ABE Platform offerings are almost similar to that of collecting reward points for your supermarket shopping, but on a much larger scale, with flexible controls and a renumeration with far greater utility.

ABE Token has ended 362 days ago